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Mount Indefatigable Slabs, Featuring Joy # 7707

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Date: 2005.06.19
Vantage Point: From bottom of scree slope above Hidden Lake

Caption: The steep south slabs of Mount Indefatigable

PhotoDescr: On our way to climb Mount Joffre Kevin and I were awarded fine views of Indefatigable in the morning light. I chose this photo to upload however as I took it just as the light was reaching the corner that Joy follows up the slabs. The slender sunlit line running left->right on the right third of the darkened slab clearly highlights this popular climb. I wish I had had this photo when I went and climbed 2/3 up the next slab to the right in search of Joy. As such, we found No Joy and wouldn't recommend that slab to anyone (pro ends, descent entertainment ensues).

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