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Comfort Glades, Disease Ridge, and Singing Pass # 7680

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Date: 2005.11.13
Vantage Point: From Lakeside Bowl

Caption: It doesn't look like this for much of the season, but the area south of Blackcomb Ski Resort is pretty untracked in this early season photo.

PhotoDescr: Sunshine led to a little skin-about of Lakeside Bowl, Xhiggy's Meadows, and Disease Ridge on a sunny Sunday in mid-November. Along the way, a few good turns were made and a lot of stops for fine views.

Snow pack is adding up and a good season looks to have begun. A few more storms and this area will likely be opened up to lift skiers, but for the moment, just those willing to put some effort into it are getting out and getting some good touring and occasional turns.

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