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Mist from the Southeast # 7667

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Date: 2005.07.16
Vantage Point: From Picklejar Lakes Trail

Caption: A unique perspective of Mist Mountain and the grassy covered "ridge between Mist and Picklejar Creeks" in crystal clear sunlight. Storm Mountain (Kananaskis) can be seen at the right edge.

PhotoDescr: Mist can be easily ascended on scree using the SE slopes which face the camera, and that route is discussed in Gillian Daffern's Kananaskis Trail Guide Volume 2. As a younger lad I ascended Mist using the NW ridge scrambling route which follows the skyline to the right. We ascended the other side to gain the long ridge at the low point, then followed the ridge all of the way to the summit, a great day out. There is also a more difficult route which follows generally below the left hand skyline which starts from Lipsett col.

The valley between Mist and the "ridge between Mist and Picklejar Creeks" is the Mist creek drainage. A trail (old road) goes up Mist Creek from Hwy 40, then another old road branches off to gain the grassy col near the right edge. You can then see the road switchback up to gain the ridge and then a trail continues to the top. The views are apparently quite stunning from there.

Took this picture on a family hike to Picklejar Lakes which is highly recommended. It was super hot and dry, and the horse and deer flies were brutal. Probably killed around 30-40 horse flies but we all suffered numerous deer fly bites.

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