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Three Sisters and Brother Peak - Southern Niuts # 7643

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Date: 2005.08.14
Vantage Point: From Despair Peak

Caption: Looking east across the Mosley from the Waddington Range to the southern end of the Niuts. Sisters in centre, Royal at left, the Early Riser-Sleepwalker combo in the distance-centre, with Clouddrifter at right in the distance with the glaciated northwest face.

PhotoDescr: The Three Sisters are/is the pyramidal summit in centre, seemingly singular but in fact composed of a series of east/west peaks. Brother Peak is the rightmost bump. Only slightly impressive from the south, these peaks carry tremendous north faces fronting the Bench Glacier. John Clarke bagged all these peaks in 1976 in a quintessential Clarke solo trip involving float plane river landings, late season snow storms, monstrous pack loads, and close encounters of the ursine kind. The "beautiful steep blocky granite ridge 1500 ft long" dropping south off The Three Sisters (which leads to "Big" and "Middle" Sisters, the others being "Kid" and "Western") was ascended after a rainstorm cleared the snow away. Looks at least "John Clarke solo 4th class".

The area was also visited by Fred Beckey, Gary Brill, and Bill Lahr in 1980. They first climbed an ice arete on the north face of Brother Peak and then Brill and Lahr climbed a large route on the north face of the Sisters, enduring "three foodless days" out in severe snowstorms. Both this trip and John Clarke's were in mid-September.

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