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The Bugs: A View Northwest from the Catamount # 7633

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Date: 2005.09.02
Vantage Point: From summit of 2740m nunatak, .96km NNE of Mt. Harmon.

Caption: Distinctly The Bugs, from any angle or distance. The granite spires are, from L to R: Howser Spire, Pigeon Spire, Snowpatch Spire and Bugaboo Spire.

PhotoDescr: At eye level 18 kilometres away in the centre distance, the Vowell Glacier spills through the Pigeon-Snowpatch col to hidden Bugaboo Glacier below. In the back through this gap, I believe, is an unnamed 2837m peak (45-50) in the vicinity of Bill's Pass at the western edge of this expanse of ice. The top of Marmolata can be seen outlined against snow below Howser, peeping behind flat-topped Anniversary Peak on Sextet Ridge in front with rounded Rock Ridge Peak at extreme left in frame. Greatly compressed is the 8 km of low ground (Bugaboo Creek headwaters) between said ridge and the dark ~ 8800' foreground/background ridge (1.5 km NE of Phacelia Pass) in middle of photo. In the bottom left corner is a portion of the ice dome at the western edge of Catamount Glacier from which this chunk of rock I'm standing on protrudes from. Over 1500' below where it drops off the frame to the right is Forster Pass, Whirlpool and Thunderwater Lakes and the headwaters of Forster Creek. South-facing glaciers on the main divide below Taurus Mountain (not seen), round out the forefield above.

Views like this along the main divide can be had from most high points on Starbird Ridge. This one was taken while walking out from a three-day wander in this fantastic area.

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