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Bifrost Pass and Southern Pantheon Panorama # 7613

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Date: 2005.08.16
Vantage Point: From summit of Isolation Peak #2

Caption: Looking northwest from the Isolation Peaks along the spine of the Coast Mountains.

PhotoDescr: At left is the Frontier Group, with Cornelia's huge, unclimbed east face quite visible and Frontier to its right. Bifrost Pass is down and right of these, with Delusion rising to its right as the dark, bulky thing in midphoto. At photo right is Zeus with the huge spike of Thunderbolt/Athena Tower attached to its hip. The sharp, spiky thing rising in the background above and left of Delusion is actually Thor. It looks like a spike from this angle as the mellow south face is head on.

And waaaayyy in back, head in the clouds, is the grandest Monarch of them all.

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