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Waddington and the Upper Tellot # 7611

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Date: 2005.08.11
Vantage Point: From the Sunrise Galcier

Caption: Looking west from the Sunrise Glacier. Plainly visible is the standard Bravo Glacier route on Waddington, in addition to about 50-odd other classic routes!

PhotoDescr: This would have been a wonderful weather window in which to climb Waddington; the previous week featured a brutal storm which dumped several feet of snow and crushed one party's tent. Oddly, there weren't any parties at all gunning for it the week we flew in, though there were about five other groups here and there about on various other things.

If you look closely enough you might be able to make out a tent belonging to Jennifer Nageli's party at Dragontail camp at the far right in the photo ;)

A day after this photo was taken we were on McCowan when a massive serac avalanche off the east face of Wadd filled the air with the thunder of a thousand 747s for about thirty seconds. There was a party at Combatant Col at this time - they must have had a good shake!

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