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East Faces of Byamee, Vishnu and Shiva - Pantheon Range # 7609

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Date: 2005.08.17
Vantage Point: From Helichopiter

Caption: Fly-by photography: Byamee, Vishnu and Siva from Mike King's Longranger on the flight out from the Sunrise Glacier

PhotoDescr: The group of peaks east of Nirvana Pass present very complex and contrasting faces. None of the east faces have been climbed (the rock may be questionable), although there are routes on other aspects of these peaks out of view. A 1980 ACC party climbed a number of routes from a camp in Nirvana Pass and the south pillar of Vishnu was also climbed by Chic Scott and Patrick Gabbarou in 1991. See also the 1990 CAJ subsection on the Pantheon, which features a good teaser photo of what may be the east face of Vishnu with its true identitiy censored ;) Siva has a huge northeast face out of view right.

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