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Doss Peak - East Face # 7592

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Date: 2005.09.06
Vantage Point: From the summit of Claimpost Peak

Caption: Looks a little chossy, no? The summit is the central high point, with the steep-looking east ridge below. The headwaters of Nesbitt Creek (a major southern tributary of the Stein River) help make up the valley in the immediate foreground. Mount Nielson is the peak at extreme left, with the summit just in the clouds. Behind and left of Doss is the Mount Skook Jim massif. This includes a load of sub-peaks (Snowblood, Mount Cline, Vanguard Peak, Klackerpun, Crevasse Crag). The features at distant right are the remote peaks on the Stein/Scudamore Divide.

PhotoDescr: The limited info on Doss in Fairley's Guide reports "an easy ascent from Antimony Lake". While that may be true, the best approach is still via 28 km along the Kwoiek Creek Mainline, which is driveable to 23 km ATP. Steep open forest (watch for bluffs on the way down) allows a quick and relatively bush-free ascent up to a col, which is located 2 km south of Doss Peak, and 2 km east of Mount Nielson (a great scramble via its east ridge).

Fairley also notes, ". . . North Kwoiek Creek is another logical approach". Even when the roads into North Kwoiek Creek were driveable, this approach is less than logical, as it would include 10 km+ of (rough) travel, as well as a bucket of sweat to surmount the Skihist/Claimpost col. You would then need to drop down into Nesbitt Creek and climb up the steep (presumably loose) slopes visible in this essay.

This picture was taken from Claimpost Peak. Don, Fred, and I did some peakbagging in the scenic Cantilever Range allowing us to make more of a dent in 92-I/4. This is really scenic and somewhat remote country, but the rock quality is generally hit and miss.

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