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View North from the Summit of Red Tusk # 7573

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Date: 2005.07.20
Vantage Point: From the summit of Red Tusk

Caption: Here's a view not often gazed upon: Tantalus is in the clouds (top left), Serratus is obviously center-right, Ionia is on the left in the foreground, and Panderus is on the right in the foreground. . . a tiny bit of Red Tusk's N ridge is visible in the centre.

PhotoDescr: Another important note is you can easily see the sweet descent couloir on Serratus' south side, there was some Class 3/4 downclimbing before reaching the snow. . . which had rotted out a bit but the slots were nothing you couldn't but slide down, no crampons were required.

If the Red Tusk was a little higher you could see the new Haberl Hut under construction.

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