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Red Tusk and Neighbours from the South # 7555

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Date: 2005.07.24
Vantage Point: From a bump (1635m) on the ridge southeast of conybeare

Caption: The Red Tusk is the high point at centre. Lydia is the ridge descending towards us in the right foreground and Serratus is on the far right.

PhotoDescr: Looking northwest from a bump on the ridge southeast of Conybeare. You can just see the strata of red rock that presumably gives the peak its name. It's waiting for somebody to take its portrait from Lydia, which is the ridge in the foreground to the right.

The Red Tusk looks pretty impressive from here, but apparently it isn't the kind of summit that attracts many repeat customers.

Just to the right of Lydia, Dione and Tantalus can be seen in the distance and right of that is Serratus, which is actually a couple of kilometres further away than the Red Tusk. Pandareus and Ionia are either hidden behind Lydia or I've mistaken them for the summit of Lydia.

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