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Unnecessary Mountain # 7554

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Date: 2005.10.04
Vantage Point: From the ridge between Unnecessary and the West Lion

Caption: October snow on the ridge between Unnecessary and West Lion

PhotoDescr: My buddy Brendan was in town for a few days, and told me he was really psyched to climb up the West Lion. I was off work for a few days, and am always happy to get out for some action, especially with someone from Winnipeg who's never been before. Glimpses of the mountains the day before revealed fresh snow, which was a bit of a surprise, and one that I thought may deny us our goal. But we set out anyways, figuring we'd at least hike to the Lions and check it out. We had decided on the Howe Sound Crest Trail from Cypress as our route, and encountered snow on the tops of St. Mark's and Unnecessary, and pretty much everywhere above around 1300 metres. Clouds were being funnelled up from the valleys, so our views were virtually non-existant most of the day. We couldn't even see the West Lion until we reached the end of the ridge above the notch that connects to the Lion itself. At that point it became obvious that we were not going to be climbing it this day. I am sure some might have attempted it, but there was snow on all the ledges, and I was not exactly feeling too safe about it, especially with my brother-in-law never having climbed it before and not equipped. We agreed to pass on it, and had some eats before setting out on our return. Of course, once we were on our way back, the clouds began to clear enough for some views of surrounding peaks, this being one of them. And in keeping with my current streak of luck, we saw not a single soul the entire day. Not a particularly stunning summit, Unnecessary is likely not usually a destination in itself, and most certainly earns its name as one trudges up and down it en route to other places! The actual summit is the one in the center of the photo.

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