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Whatever You Want: Eastern Cayoosh Goodness # 7457

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Date: 2005.09.24
Vantage Point: From the approach to Downton SW5

Caption: Linus Mountain is at extreme left with Faulty Tower looking like it is projecting from Linus's north ridge. We ended up climbing Statimcets Peak, which is visible as the snowy massif at far right. We ascended the steep scree slopes visible on its east face which led to fresh snow on moderate slopes all the way to the summit.

PhotoDescr: My fourth trip into Downton Creek in the last two months. The title of this essay is a response I gave to my wife when asked what we were going to climb that day. We followed some large paw prints that led right up and over the high col before the summit plateau.

A little later in the day and a little higher up than our position in this picture, had this same area looking a lot more dramatic.

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