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Mount Alfred (The Great) # 7452

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Date: 2005.09.08
Vantage Point: From the highest point on the Emma Creek Trail

Caption: Looking north northeast 9.75 km to Mount Alfred and parts of its great icefields. The conical peak to the left is approximately 200 metres shorter than Alfred.

PhotoDescr: At the beginning of the day, when we reached the top of the trail on a ridge 300 feet above Emma Lake, the views to the north were somewhat unremarkable, if only for the fact that thick clouds obscured the entire area from 4000 feet up. Little did we know what jewels were hidden behind.

When we crested that ridge once more on the way down from the Lake, we found ourselves with jaws dropped staring at Mount Alfred and way into the distance, perhaps, to the Pemberton Ice Fields (not shown). It was like two climbs for the price of one.

I look forward to someone uploading images taken from Alfred's Summit.

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