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Macbeth Icefield # 7451

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Date: 2005.09.02
Vantage Point: From from Starbird pass

Caption: The Macbeth Icefield from the East. On the right is Mt. Macduff, center is Macbeth, and left of that is Mt. Lady Macbeth. The glacier to the left with the three tongues is the Horseshoe Glacier.

PhotoDescr: After pining for many years to get into the Jumbo Pass area, I finally got my chance. I went with my good friend Chandler, who lives in the community of Argenta (Monica trailhead is exactly 65 minutes from his home). I hiked around with my mouth open most of the time not from exercise but from the georgeous vistas everywhere I looked. As we traversed over from Monica Meadows to Starbird Pass, I couldn't take my eyes off the Macbeth Icefield and the Horseshoe Glacier.

I forgot to bring my trekking poles with me for this outing and after following Chan most of the day my legs and toes were mincemeat! Even though there are not many postings on on this area (besides Kevin, Doug, and Sandra) I was surprised to see a fair number of people up there. Not just mountaineers but mostly daytrippers from the city (or so it looked) and even a seniors group. Not that I blame them. Seems like I was the one who has been missing out on this amazing area.

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