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Battleship Lake and Bellavista Ridge # 7428

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Date: 2005.09.18
Vantage Point: From the north shore of Battleship Lake

Caption: This essay was created to show access to the high country at the head of Phacelia Creek. Battleship Lake is the sub-alpine lake in the foreground with Bellavista Ridge as the backdrop.

PhotoDescr: Battleship Lake is reached in about 1.5 hours of travel through open forest from about the 9 km mark of the Phacelia Creek FSR. If you boulder-hop along the left side (east side) of Battleship Lake you will reach its inlet, which is draining another large lake 20 m higher. Walk the west shore of the second lake and come to a major tributary draining Fried Egg Lake high above. This creek is visible as a steep treed gully in the top left of the picture. There is decent steep hiking with minimal bush on either side of the creek. Access to Bellavista Ridge is straightforward from the alpine basin at the head of the creek.

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