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South Southeast from Emma Lake to Mount Diadem # 7411

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Date: 2005.09.07
Vantage Point: 50.137919,-124.153854

Caption: The aquamarine waters of Emma Lake in the foreground, the south ridge above it and pointedly obvious Mount Diadem in the distance.

PhotoDescr: My friends and I were looking to hitch a campboat ride up to the end of Powell Lake and from thence to the alpine environs above but were instead treated to a glorious ride in a Cessna 185. The pilot winged us down the lake and later took us for the grand tour of the local mountains, weaving in and out of the Eldred River Valley and the ranges between Goat Lake and Powell Lake. The Rainbow Peaks, Beartooth, Baldy, Slide, Mt. Alfred, Freda, all of Colin Dionne's great granite frontispieces: it was a who's who in the valleys around Powell River and it simply took the breath away.

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