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Mount Ossa's North Face # 7401

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2005.07.16
Vantage Point: From a moraine near our bivi at the base of the north side

Caption: Mt. Ossa's North face, Reaction Time follows the butress directly below the red arrow

PhotoDescr: In mid-july Don Serl and I walked up Sigurd Creek to a sweet bivi below Mt. Ossa's north side (just under 6 hours), and then climbed a new route ("Reaction Time" about D 5.10-, 10 pitches) on pretty good rock in 15 hrs return to camp. Bivied another night and walked out. To see Don's trip report visit

We named our route Reaction Time, because as we were walking in I got stung a few times on both legs by wasps and with perfect timing both my calves swoll up gigantically as we were about 2 pitches up. Also worth mentioning that the crux of this route was getting out of the bergschrund, a few meters of totally unprotected scary vertical snow which Don led.

The "north ridge" route is the left skyline.
  And one more important point, the Sigurd Creek trail is in quite good shape and is definitely one of the most beautiful trails I've hiked around here. THIS WOULD BE A WAY BETTER WAY TO START THE TANTALUS TRAVERSE than taking a helicopter. . . and you'd get to climb three more summits as well as enjoy a sweet hike (and be more ethical, I guess too eh?). Cheers.

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