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Tricouni North Aspect # 7391

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Date: 2005.09.12
Vantage Point: From the summit of Cypress Peak, to the north

Caption: The steep north side of Tricouni, with hanging glacier

PhotoDescr: Yeah, another pic of Tricouni, I know. But the mountain looks really impressive from this side, with steep faces and ridgelines, and that hanging glacier is awesome (I love glaciers). I made my first ascent of Cypress Peak on a solo mission from the Roe Creek side, and Tricouni was one of the peaks that I had the best views of. Many further peaks were shrouded by the clouds that were blowing around, but Tricouni did not disappoint. A couple friends and I did a ski ascent of Tricouni back in February for our first time up (from High Falls Creek side), and it was a lot of fun. This side looks a lot more technical. The north ridge drops down toward the camera, just left of center, and right of the glacier. Tricouni W1 is the peak at right (not the one in the distance), and offers some good skiing in winter. The whole area around Tricouni is great skiing, though you will likely have to ward off hoards of slednecks. I was also impressed with the ridges that led from Tricouni to Cypress, and on towards Mt. Fee and the Brandywine area; it looks like a real nice traverse, as I'm sure many have enjoyed. I'd like to give it a go myself.

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