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The "Other" Black Dome # 7358

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Date: 2005.08.08
Vantage Point: From Peak 1931 about 2.5 km northwest

Caption: Black Dome from the northwest. Chatsquot Mountain is behind and to the right

PhotoDescr: This isn't Black Dome Mountain in the Chilcotin country, but the "other" Black Dome in the Coast Mountains, southeast of what's left of the once-charming little town of Kemano. Although not the highest peak in the area, Black Dome is the only named summit for almost 20 km in any direction. Nothing's very hard, but it is rugged with many small, steep glaciers, and even easy looking ridges can hold big surprises: notches and steep, exposed steps. If you want a seldom-visited corner of the Coast Mountains, this is it.

  The big double peak to the right of Black Dome is Chatsquot Mountain about half way; the west (right) peak is the higher. Nobody goes there, either.

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