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View South-southeast from The Black Tusk # 7307

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Date: 2005.09.02
Vantage Point: From the summit of Black Tusk

Caption: Awesome scenery in Garibaldi Park

PhotoDescr: The Black Tusk is just one of those summits that I had to check out, being such a prominent landmark in the Sea-to-Sky corridor. Surprised that it took me this long to get up there for the first time. Once again I found myself setting out alone, stopping to climb the Tusk on my way to Gun Lake for the weekend. Somewhat unsettled weather thankfully slowly improved on my way up, and I was able to see areas that I had not yet seen for myself. Not to mention that I only saw five or so other people this day, but none on the summit. . . . cool, another summit to myself! Black Tusk Lake (L) and Mimulus Lake (R) sit below Panorama Ridge in the foreground. The Sphinx (partially obscured by clouds) and the Sphinx Glacier rise up behind Panorama. The dark horn near the end of Garibaldi Lake is Guard Mountain, with Deception Peak between it and The Sphinx. Sentinel Bay at the end of the lake sits below Glacier Pikes, with the obvious silhouette of The Table to the right of lake's end. Mount Garibaldi hides in the clouds above. Mount Price is at photo right.

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