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Antimony Mountain - (North) East Face # 7306

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Date: 2005.09.06
Vantage Point: From up high on the east ridge of Claimpost Peak

Caption: Apparently this steep 800 m east face discharges avalanches directly into Antimony Lake, rupturing ice up to 60 cm. We climbed the left skyline (southeast ridge) onto the broad summit at right, with difficulties rarely reaching Class 3. This picture was taken from Claimpost Peak, where we climbed the south ridge (Class 3/4) and descended the east ridge (solid Class 3). Tachewana Peak is at distant left with the Chochiwa Glacier spilling off its north face.

PhotoDescr: Another battle with the Kwoiek Creek road system had Don Funk, Fred Touche, and I venturing into unfamiliar territory at the head of Antimony Creek. Don and I traversed the entire headwaters of Antimony Creek (which included Antimony Mountain and Claimpost Peak), while Fred joined us to the summit of Antimony Peak, before heading off to climb Skihist Mountain.

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