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The Saskatchewan Glacier # 7302

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Date: 2005.08.20
Vantage Point: From Base of Castleguard

Caption: Six climbers remove equipment after summitting Castleguard Mountain, with the Saskatchewan Glacier descending toward Parker Ridge behind them.

PhotoDescr: The climbing route to Castleguard's summit begins at the foot of Parker Ridge, beyond the outwash plain of the Saskatchewan Glacier. It follows the Saskatchewan Glacier Trail to the beginning of the flats, crosses the slot canyon where the glacier's outflow (the headwaters of the North Saskatchewan River) leaves the plain, and comes up the north side of the plain to the toe of the glacier (the left side from this vantage). The route then goes up the centre of the glacier until crossing over to the south side near Castleguard's base and moving up the rock to the usual base camp near where these climbers stand.

The ski route is much the same except for proceeding further up the Saskatchewan Glacier to move directly onto Castleguard's North Glacier.

The treed ridge beyond the meltwater lake and the alluvial plain is Parker Ridge; the peaks beyond it are nameless.

A group of seven climbers from the Grant MacEwan Mountain Club travelled up the Saskatchewan Glacier to a base camp above the Castleguard Meadows at the base of the mountain. Six of them summitted, the first party to sign the summit register in 2005.

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