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Stiletto Peak # 7234

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Date: 2005.08.19
Vantage Point: From the upper Tellot Glacier

Caption: The Ice Chimneys. Yum!

PhotoDescr: TD- WI4 200m. From what I understand, the bottom pitch is sometimes mixy, forcing an initial detour to the right. The left trending stepwise route was definitely in & fat. If we had had the time & the gall, the plan would have been to start late in the day, after the rising sun had passed over.

Mo & I took a gander at a handful of peaks on Friday, our rest day. By now, week's end we had scoped out the slots & established a fairly compacted route to & fro on the Upper Tellot, so we were rather nonchalant about roping up as a 2 person team. We shouldn't have dawdled our way back to camp, if we had wanted to be lifted out on Friday night....before the 2day storm pinned us down. Jordan Peters & his crew on the Cataract snuck out in time!

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