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Dawn over the Saskatchewan Glacier # 7229

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Date: 2005.08.21
Vantage Point: From base of Castleguard Mountain

Caption: The first glow of dawn lights the valley of the Saskatchewan Glacier.

PhotoDescr: The peaks etched against the dawn sky are all unnamed, and mark the boundary between Jasper National Park (beyond the peaks) and Banff National Park (this side). Parker Ridge, the only named peak in view, is the low ridge in the centre at the end of the valley. The meltwater lake at the toe of the glacier is also clearly visible.

The Saskatchewan Glacier is the largest tongue of the Columbia Icefield, and the usual route to Castleguard Mountain. A group of seven climbers from the Grant MacEwan Mountain Club travelled up the Saskatchewan Glacier to a base camp above the Castleguard Meadows at the base of the mountain.

After the summit day, we rose early to clear skies as we packed up to go back down the glacier. Much time was devoted to photography as we dashed about, catching the effect of the morning light on various features.

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