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Hidden and Upper Kananaskis Lakes from the Aster Lake Trail # 7220

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Date: 2005.08.13
Vantage Point: From Aster Lake Trail

Caption: Hidden Lake is the nearer and smaller, Upper Kananaskis Lake the farther and larger.

PhotoDescr: Hidden Lake is an intermittent lake with underground drainage southwest of Upper Kananaskis Lake. The trail to the lake is unmaintained and essentially undeveloped, although it is the access to Aster Lake Campground, a maintained backcountry campground in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

Upper Kananaskis Lake is separated by a power dam from Lower Kananaskis Lake. The dam is part of the trail around the lake to the Hidden Lake Trail, and is out of sight at the far end of the lake.

The two peaks of Mount Indefatigable are visible in the distance in the centre, with Mount Invincible on the left. The Opal Range is visible in the distance. A ridge of Mount Foch is on the right.

This picture was taken on a day hike of the Northover Ridge route by a group from the Grant MacEwan Mountain Club.

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