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Mount Roach's Northeast Face # 7193

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Date: 2005.07.01
Vantage Point: From the the spectacular upper lake below Roach's northeast face

Caption: The northeast face of mount Roach, with the north ridge on the right skyline and east ridge to the left

PhotoDescr: Don Serl and I walked into the west fork of Stryen Creek to make the first ascent of the north ridge of Roach on Canada Day. We timed it perfectly to be on the summit in a snowstorm and back down at the lake in the sun. I nearly fell asleep here, it was really nice.

 The route went at about AD+ 5.9 (the three more difficult pitches being on the step just below the summit) and we descended the easy (class 2) east ridge and found a nice snow/scree couloir that led us to the lakes.

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