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We'll Just Call It Heather. . . # 7116

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Date: 2005.07.31
Vantage Point: From Arnica Lake Trail

Caption: [i]Phyllodoce empetriformis[/i]

PhotoDescr: This flowering plant is identified as heath, heather, pink heather, red heather, purple heather, pink mountain heath, and a few other permutations in my guidebooks. They all use the same Latin name, however.

On the second day of the August Long Weekend 2005 (the first two days of which fell in July), I led a group from a mountain club up the Arnica Lake Trail. Our original plans to hike the Paradise Valley Loop were scuttled when we fell one member short of the required group of six. While waiting around for nearly an hour at the Paradise Creek trailhead for someone to augment our numbers, we picked Arnica Lake as our alternative.

From Arnica, we continued along the trail toward Twin Lakes. At the highest point on the trail, on a shoulder of Storm Mountain, the meadow was ablaze with flowers.

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