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Bow Valley North of Panorama Ridge # 7106

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Date: 2005.07.30
Vantage Point: From summit ridge of Panorama Ridge

Caption: The broad valley of the Bow heads north toward Bow Summit.

PhotoDescr: The view north from Panorama Ridge lacks the drama of the view to the west, with its closeup views of the peaks above Consolation Valley. But Hector still stands out far across the broad valley of the Bow River. The usual route up the mountain is on the opposite side, up its north glacier.

The ridge on the left edge of the photo is Mount Temple.

This wide angle view shows the utility of a zoom lens, compared to Mount Hector from Panorama Ridge which is a telephoto view of Hector from the same point.

That Panorama Ridge is a pile of loose rock in the best Rockies tradition is shown clearly by this view of the north end of the ridge.

On the first day of the August Long Weekend 2005 (the first two days of which fell in July), I led a group of inexperienced scramblers up Panorama Ridge. The ridge lies between the Bow Valley and Consolation Valley, giving excellent views of both from the ridgeline in good weather.

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