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Descending Temple's Upper Slopes # 7098

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Date: 2005.07.27
Vantage Point: From just below the summit of Mt. Temple starting descent

Caption: James enjoying some boot skiing down Temple's upper slopes

PhotoDescr: James and I made our first ascent over 11,000 feet (my first over 10,000 ft, as well as personal elevation records for both of us) to the summit of Mount Temple on a beauty July day. The "Tourist" route proved to be a very fun, relatively easy way up a rather large mountain, one that I'd been itching to climb for a few years at least. Once past the crowds at Sentinel Pass, we only saw two other guys who we passed high up on the snow slopes as they were descending. Not another soul came up, and the summit was all ours to enjoy! Astounding views in all directions, including some lofty peaks such as the Goodsirs, Assiniboine, Lefroy, Victoria, Hungabee. . . the list goes on. Peaks 3 through 9 are visible here, L-R Bowlen(far left edge), Tonsa, Perren, Allen, Tuzo, Deltaform and Neptuak at the right edge. I believe the south tower of the Goodsirs is behind and right of Neptuak, though I may be wrong. I will refrain from trying to list any of the background peaks, leave that for others to work out for themselves! Temple was a super fun climb, highly recommended midweek for the lack of crowds (at least it worked for us)

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