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Consolation Valley Panorama # 7088

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Date: 2005.07.30
Vantage Point: From summit ridge of Panorama Ridge

Caption: Panorama Ridge earns its name. . . .

PhotoDescr: From the left: looking over Consolation Pass, then Bident Mountain (with the two tooth-like peaks), Mount Quadra (four peaks), Mount Fay, Mount Babel, Tuzo, Deltaform and Neptuak (far skyline), Wenkchemna Pass with Curtis Peak (in Kootenay National Park) beyond, Wenkchemna Peak, Eiffel Peak in front of Wenkchemna, and Mount Temple on the right.

On the first day of the August Long Weekend 2005 (the first two days of which fell in July), I led a group of inexperienced scramblers up Panorama Ridge. The ridge lies between the Bow Valley and Consolation Valley, giving excellent views of both from the ridgeline in good weather.

I couldn't leave Panorama Ridge without attempting a panorama. However, without a tripod and level, lining things up and being fast enough to avoid cloud shifts between exposures is a challenge. I was unable to use the leftmost of six exposures, but the combination of five you see here worked fairly well, with some cropping required after the merge.

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