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Columnar Peak; the Gargoyles and the Peaks of Garibaldi Hidden in Cloud - Panorama from Elfin Lakes # 6983

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Date: 2005.07.10
Vantage Point: From Elfin Lakes shelter looking north

Caption: Mount Garibaldi is a beautiful mountain with three peaks; all of which are unfortunately are hidden in cloud today. It's an extinct volcano - part of the Pacific Ring of Fire and is climbed and skied quite a bit. This photo shows from left to right - Columnar Peak; the Gargoyles and the peaks of Garibaldi hidden in cloud.

PhotoDescr: As the only legal biking trail in Garibaldi Park, the doubletrack to Elfin Lakes is not aesthetic singletrack by any means. It's really just a way to get from Squamish to the alpine and stunning views.

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