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Chapman Falls on the Sunshine Coast # 6976

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Date: 2005.07.10
Vantage Point: From Chapman Falls Trail

Caption: The highest section of Chapman Falls

PhotoDescr: I was visiting the Sunshine Coast with my wife and daughter, looking for a hiking destination. My daughter came down with a cold, and my wife said she wasn't interested in any trail that had "mountain" in the name, so we settled on the Chapman Falls Trail, rated "3" on a five-point difficulty scale in the local brochure. The information sheet also claimed the trail should take an hour each way.

We soon found that a "3" was pretty easy going, and that one hour must be the time for the infirm, as it took just over half an hour of walking to get to the falls.

Chapman Falls, on Chapman Creek, is a series of drops, difficult to see in their entirety from any point on the trail. The top section, shown here, is fairly short. Water is drawn off from the creek just above the falls for what appears to be a small hydroelectric plant. The last section of the trail is the service walkway for the pipe carrying the water for the plant.

Earlier sections of the trail are a mix of forest path, power-line cutline, and service road.

Chapman Creek drains part of Mount Steele and Tetrahedron Provincial Park.

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