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Linus Mountain - East Face # 6866

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Date: 2005.07.02
Vantage Point: From the alpine basin in upper north Downton Creek

Caption: Linus Mountain (2578 m) is pretty dramatic, and in my opinion is the most impressive of the peaks at the head of North Downton Creek. The northeast ridge (right skyline) is reportedly a 4th class scramble. The south ridge (left skyline) looks like pleasant 3rd class, and a view from the south looked like some of the minor gendarmes could be avoided to the west.

PhotoDescr: Ahhh Downton amazing area to roam, climb, scramble, or swim. Endless alpine abound! My wife and I (and dog) wandered/scrambled around this wonderful basin, enjoying half decent weather while the rest of SWBC saw deluges of rain. Some wonderful spring skiing according to some Lillooet residents we met as well. This is a great area to introduce neophytes to off-trail hiking and scrambling. From mild to wild, just take em' Downton.

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