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North End of Custer Ridge And Thompson # 6859

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Date: 2005.06.20
Vantage Point: From Klesilkwa S1

Caption: The peak on the left lies 1.2 km east-southeast of Klesilkwa Mountain and quite frankly, is more impressive than Klesilkwa itself (Klesilkwa is about 60 m higher). Fred Touche and I climbed Klesilkwa on skis and noted the steep looking ski run on this south face of the unnamed peak. Thompson Peak is at right with the summit in the background.

PhotoDescr: Stacey and I (and the dog) took the rough drive up the north fork of Paleface Creek, and hiked into the alpine at the head of the valley south of Klesilkwa. We climbed a class 2/3 route on Klesilkwa S1, which provided a fantastic view to the Redoubt/Custer area. This route through subalpine timber was a lot better in the spring on skis, as the entire deciduous component is under spring snow. The bush is not bad in the summer months, but it's just that much better in spring. The key to enjoying the Paleface Creek area is to be able to drive the Paleface Creek road systems, which are HC 4X4 ATP.

Fred joined me and Don Funk on a trip up Thompson last year. See Thompson. The lake at the bottom right is quite pretty, and we visited it briefly on our way to Thompson.

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