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Jura Creek Valley from Door Jamb # 6824

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Date: 2005.06.04
Vantage Point: From summit of Door Jamb Mountain

Caption: Jura Creek drains the northeast slopes of the ridge ending at Exshaw Mountain and the southwest slopes of the ridge ending at Door Jamb Mountain.

PhotoDescr: Jura Creek valley was originally thought (in 1913) to have an outcrop of Jurassic rock; thence the name. "It was later proved to be late Devonian and early Carboniferous/Mississipian in the Paleozoic Era. So what if the geologists were out by 200 million years." (Gillean Daffern, Kananaskis Country Trail Guide, Vol. 1).

This valley is nearly devoid of named features; in the photograph only the creek and Door Jamb Mountain have names, although the lower slopes of Loder are also visible.

A rough trail that leads up the creek can be used to get to Loder, but it's simpler and easier to scramble up Door Jamb and across to Loder.

A group from the Grant MacEwan Mountain Club scrambled up the ridge, some going as far as Loder Peak, as part of the club's annual summer season kickoff campout, the Owl Prowl and Howl. See the trip report for more details.

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