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Assiniboine and Lunette - Southwest Face # 681

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Date: 2001.08.19
Vantage Point: Taken from the west side of Lunette Lake

Caption: Late afternoon view of the south west face of Mount Assiniboine (left snow capped summit) and Lunette Peak on the right.

PhotoDescr: 100 years ago James Outram made the first ascent of both peaks. Lunette on September 2nd 1901, by accident in foul weather, followed the next day, September 3rd by a successful ascent of Assiniboine. Wouldn't it have been great to predict the weather and have an opportunity to replicate the feat, 100 years later? Unfortunately we don't have that luxury! Colin, Ernst, Liz, Paula and I hiked in from Settlers road Saturday, August 18th, 2001 to set up camp. Early Sunday morning (19th) we left to first ascend Lunette peak, summiting at 9:45. We then downclimbed below the col and traversed the south west face of Assiniboine, climbing up to the south ridge where we reached the summit at 12:30. Spectacular views, scattered cloud with light wind, and only the haze from the fire on highway 93 to taint an otherwise awesome day of climbing.

The climb was extemely enjoyable, best day out so far, no doubt due to the experience of the folks I was climbing with.

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