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McConnell Ridge and Mount Baldy from Door Jamb # 6808

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Date: 2005.06.04
Vantage Point: From summit of Door Jamb

Caption: McConnell Ridge (L), Mount Baldy (C) and the north end of the Fisher Range (R)

PhotoDescr: An old fire road leads to the Prairie View Lookout at the high point of McConnell Ridge. Between the ridge and Mount Baldy lies the Kananaskis River and Barrier Lake. Mount Baldy is at the north end of the Fisher Range, which is the eastern edge of the Rockies at this point.

The plateau between McConnell Ridge and the unnamed bump in the foreground is the Quaite Valley, with Jewell Pass crossing the low ridge at its further end. Numerous trails run through this area, including the Baldy Pass Trail between Mount Baldy and the rest of the Fisher Range.

The pointed summit in the centre is the main summit of Baldy; the next two points to the right on the same ridge are South Baldy and West Baldy. The standard scramble route up Baldy ascends the ridgeline going down to the right from the main summit.

A group from the Grant MacEwan Mountain Club scrambled up the ridge of Door Jamb, some going as far as Loder Peak, as part of the club's annual summer season kickoff campout, the Owl Prowl and Howl. While we were doing this two other groups headed for the Prairie View Lookout from different points. We left later, returned sooner, ascended higher, and spent less time in the rain. See the trip report for more details.

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