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The Still - North Face # 6736

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Date: 2005.05.24
Vantage Point: From along the Lucky Four Mine Trail

Caption: North Face of The Still in spring conditions. The Welch-Still north side couloir is at left, and can be used for descent to or from the Wahleach Glacier. Unclimbed (north) north-west ridge of Welch at left, and some fine looking (albeit short) unclimbed routes on the North Face of The Still as well. Sub-Peaks of Stewart at right. Lots to do and see on this side of the Cheam Range.

PhotoDescr: Stacey, myself, and Ashlu (the dog) went up to Jones (Wahleach) Lake to look for the old "Lucky Four Mine Trail", and slog up Conway. It was easily found (access on link below), and I was again impressed by the Cheam Range. See The Still - North Face. I have had a few climbing partners in recent times express a desire to get up something in this range, and I always waffle about it. Yet when I get up there it is one of the most scenic ranges (especially from the north) around. I guess what I am trying to say, is that it is easy to be spoiled living in Southwestern BC.

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