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Skiing towards Garibaldi Lake from the Sharkfin # 6602

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Date: 2005.04.24
Vantage Point: From

Caption: Yuko sking down from the Sharkfin to Garibaldi Lake

PhotoDescr: We thought that this weekend (23 April) would be the last time this year that the lake would be crossable. Contrary to our plans of simply following a broken trail or someone else the whole way, this being our first time on the route, we didn't see anyone else, or a trail between the Elfin Lakes shelter and the Garibaldi Lake trail. Luckily the route was easy to figure out from the topo maps, even though the route follows the space between 92 G/14 and G/15. One tricky part of the trip was crossing Ring Creek which was flowing quite heavily; we only found one very flimsy snow bridge which somehow held us. Crossing the lake was also quite hair-raising until we became used to falling through the thin upper crust into 15 cm of water below. There were pools of water visible on the east side of the lake; the west side was fairly solid. The remaining three km of snow on the trail down was ruined by hikers, so we didn't have much fun on the ski out.

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