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Vintage Govt Aerial Of Nunatak On Llewellyn Glacier, Juneau Icefield # 6597

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Date: 1970.01.01
Vantage Point: From east

Caption: notes later

PhotoDescr: The area of this nunatak is at the head of the Llewellyn Glacier, issuing east from the Juneau Icefield and seen in the foreground. To the rear left of the nunatak is its line parent (a nameless peak) and just out of frame beyond that and to the rear is Mt Nesselrode, the highest thing around here. To the rear right of the Nunatak is Mt London, and farther east from it would be Mt Service, but for now those remain unlabelled here until such time as I can study the topos to figure out which is which, and what else might be visible. When I first saw this I thought it might be the Papaya Nunatak, but that's a ways farther south (to the left and behind POV), though still in the general vicinity of Nesselrode.

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