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The Big Step: Mount Temple's East Ridge # 6566

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Date: 2003.07.18
Vantage Point: From the large terrace below the big step

Caption: Mount Temple's Big Step, about 100 m to 5.7

PhotoDescr: Believe it or not there is a soloist in this picture. He's halfway up dressed in white, but you'll never see him. He passed me and my friend Adrian as we were soloing up to this point. We roped up for the big step and did it in three pitches. . . . Many variations are of course possible and I won't describe where we went because I'm sure it wasn't the easiest route.

 The rock is pretty decent on this part of the route, except at the very top of the step... the belay was a bit chossy. Anyways a great route, we did it in 15.5 hours car-to-car which I'm told is an OK time. On the large terrace where this photo was taken are a number of bivy walls, musta been some uncomfy nights spent here! One more thing, when I was reading about this climb I was kinda under the impression that the big step is the crux and once you've done it the rest is straitforward. Its more like this is where the climbing and routefinding starts... great route, have fun!

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