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View from Hot Springs Cove # 6547

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Date: 2005.03.29
Vantage Point: From west side of Sharp Point

Caption: Sharp Point receives much of the energy of the open Pacific into which it extends.

PhotoDescr: This rock marks the point at which the heated water of the well-known hot springs of Maquinna Provincial Marine Park flows into the ocean. The peaks visible across Hot Springs Cove are unnamed, but rise to more than 600 metres in the middle of a nameless peninsula bounded by the Pacific on the southwest, Sydney Inlet on the east, and Stewardson Inlet on the north, with Kanim Lake across much of the neck of the peninsula. Hot Springs Cove is a narrow indentation in this peninsula.

The east side of Hot Springs Cove is the Openit Peninsula; its end is called Sharp Point and has an automated lighthouse located on it. The hot springs are near the end of the peninsula; whether Sharp Point begins there is indeterminate.

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