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Mount Girouard from the West # 6545

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Date: 2005.02.12
Vantage Point: From the West

Caption: The west aspect of Mount Girouard with the castle-like turrets that protrude out of the SW ridge clearly visible. The saddle between it and Mount Inglismaldie is visible at left, with Inglismaldie out of the picture to the left.

PhotoDescr: Mount Girouard is the highest and most prominent point in the entire landmass delineated by the Ghost River on the north, the Bow River on the south and east, and Lake Minnewanka to the northwest. The only key pass out of this landmass without crossing water is the Devil's-Ghost Pass (Devil's Gap) which is the saddle for Girouard to its line parent, which is Alymer.

This peak is not often ascended due to lack of good approach, but if you were to ascend this peak you would be at the top of the whole landmass, and thus would really not have to ascend any others in it unless you are a true peak bagger.

From a photography point of view these peaks are hard to get good pictures of and I have been trying for quite a while. In the morning and early hours of the day the sun is behind and east of them so a picture would be into the light. At the end of the day the sun gives good light to the faces, but because of the pollution and airborne particles in the Bow Valley near Banff the pictures do not turn out as well as they should. That is illustrated in my photo essay "Inglismaldie and Girouard". However, in the winter the snow with good lighting gives excellent form to the lifeless colored scree and rock allowing good shots of the mountain.

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