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Sunrise in the Valley of the Ten Peaks # 6512

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Date: 2004.07.29
Vantage Point: From the rockpile

Caption: Morning sun lights up some of the Ten Peaks above Moraine Lake

PhotoDescr: I got up before sunrise on the first morning of a stay at Moraine Lake Lodge and found myself a nice spot on the Rockpile to watch the sun come up. A few others had the same idea, but at least there were no crowds this early. I sat for a few hours and watched the colours change as it got lighter out. I love this place. This view is seen by thousands and thousands of people every year, and was portrayed on the old Canadian $20 bill. Left to right, Tonsa (pk4), Mount Perren (pk5), Mount Allen (pk6), Mount Tuzo (pk7), and Deltaform Mountain (pk8). Neptuak (9) is just out of photo right. All these peaks are over 10,000ft, with Deltaform reaching 11,240ft, and the Continental Divide runs across the summits. There are numerous possibilities for climbing in this area

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