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The Northeast Face of Welch Peak # 6505

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Date: 2005.03.14
Vantage Point: From camp

Caption: The Northeast face of Welch Peak in the morning sun; this is about as much sun as it ever gets. Our line is in green (the lower part is hidden). We roped up at the blue square and belayed at the red dots, most pitches were 60m or more.

PhotoDescr: This is a face I'd looked down in September 2001 (as a fairly novice climber) while descending the east ridge in a storm after a climb of the south ridge. One of the members of the party said "yea, thats never been climbed", and from where I was perched it looked very impressive... there was a fair bit of ice on the face at the time and with all the clouds swirling around it felt pretty powerful. It's funny how these things get pushed back in your mind and are on your subconscious ticklist without you even knowing it.
 I kinda went "wow, maybe one day... when I have more experience, and a good partner, and if conditions are good." Well, just my luck, it's nearly four years later, there's not much snow and the weather is good. Conditions are looking great, I have a great partner who is also very interested in this face, and I'm unemployed (great!!). So on March 12th Don Serl and I went into the Cheam Range via Jones Lake. On the 13th we made the first ascent of the NE face of Welch Peak in 15.5 hours camp to camp. To see Don's trip report visit

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