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Mount Garibaldi - North Side in Winter # 6478

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Date: 2005.03.13
Vantage Point: From above the Warren Glacier

Caption: The north face of Garibaldi in late winter (in a very low snow year).

PhotoDescr: Recent view of the north face of Garibaldi, showing that the bergschrund is still easily crossable even in this record setting low snow year. It is beginning to open up, however, so if you're planning on climbing this in the spring, you may want to get it in early. I kick-stepped straight up from the 'shrund on the left. The snow here had a hard layer below the surface (about 10 cm or so), making it difficult and laborious to kick in steps. This slowed progress considerably, and I contemplated bailing on several occasions, but I persisted and finally made it to the summit before sundown. Had a great ski back, albeit in the dark (by headlamp). A party of two had climbed this the day before (as a day trip) and they were using crampons. Was a fantastic day out, but will consider bringing the crampons next time (with similar conditions).

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