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Minaret Glacier and Mount Cladonia from Minaret Ridge # 6474

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Date: 2004.08.07
Vantage Point: From Minaret Ridge of Mount Caubvick

Caption: The Minaret Glacier is the largest glacier in eastern continental North America. Mount Cladonia is the peak on the right skyline.

PhotoDescr: From the Minaret Ridge, east of the Minaret spur on the far side of the glacier, the view takes in an unnamed peak (centre) and Mount Cladonia (right), and continues on to the Labrador Sea on the horizon.

Mount Cladonia is named after a wide-spread species of lichen. This lichen is defined by in the following abstruse terms: Cladonia - type genus of Cladoniaceae; lichens characterized by a crustose thallus and capitate fruiting bodies borne on simple or branched podetia.

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The Minaret Ridge, east of the summit of Mount Caubvick/Mont D'Iberville, is one of the standard routes to the summit.

This photo was taken by Andrew Lavigne during an expedition to Mount Caubvick to investigate the disappearance of Susan Barnes and Daniel Pauze a year earlier.

Andrew Lavigne is an Ottawa resident and an experienced backcountry traveller and mountaineer.

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