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Sunrise over Mamquam and Garibaldi # 6455

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Date: 2005.02.26
Vantage Point: from south ridge of Mount Martyn

Caption: The southeastern aspect of the Mamquam Massif (foreground) with Mount Garibaldi in the left distance.

PhotoDescr: Another failed attempt at summiting Mount Martyn had me cursing it aloud throughout most of the evening as we camped on the south ridge just below the summit. It had been a day full of obstacles, starting with the bridge over Gold Creek being closed and under construction in Golden Ears Park. We made a death-defying crossing over the full span of the bridge along a thin steel girder with overnight packs on and a bike in one hand. Other slowdowns included deadfall and numerous washouts along the 12 km hike/bike up the East Canyon Trail. There was also constant zigging where we should have zagged up the steep and bluffy thrash off trail from Gold Creek up to Martyn's south ridge. Once on the ridgetop, we were greeted with a wonderful two-inch ice crust upon knee-deep powder snow that would hold just long enough to put our full weight down before painfully collapsing. Hmmm...not going to get too far here. Needless to say we were more than pooped and decided on a bivi on the semi-open ridge in the dwindling daylight. Relief came in the form of a good dinner, a lot of chocolate and a great night's sleep.
  Morning brought some nice photo ops of the surrounding peaks. It was neat to get an angle of Mamquam that had Garibaldi and Atwell in the same shot.

As for Martyn, some mountains just play hard to get!

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