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Cascade from the South # 6430

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Date: 2005.02.12
Vantage Point: From Sulphur Mountain

Caption: The S aspect of Cascade showing how big the mountain really is. The true and highest summit is the furthest right, with the middle summit is visible in the distance to the left of it. From there it extends to the left edge. The scrambling route trends down the left skyline from the true summit then drops out of view into Cascade Amphitheatre.

PhotoDescr: Although not ascended as much as Rundle, Cascade probably sees the most ascents for any mountian in the area, including Alymer. It is a big mountain with a whopping 941m prominence, and on the map you can see it occupies the entire space between Cascade River and Forty Mile Creek, with several summits.

I was looking on the Alpine Accidents in Canada website and there are 23 incident reports for Cascade, with roughly half and half split between injuries and fatalities. In fact there was an incident on the S face visible directly below the summit where on June 23-2000 some chap was scouting a route while his friends waited in Banff and he fell. It took the rescue team quite a while to locate the body and it was very difficult to recover. There was a scrambling death as recent as Aug 30-2003 where a fellow was seeing how far he could go near Cascade falls and fell sustaining major injuries. His friends went for help but he died.

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